Where we are

Cagliari, capital city of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia:

- is the nucleus of a potential market of over 600 million consumers;

- allows easy access to both the European and the North African markets;

- has an important infrastructural network made up of an international airport, a container port, industrial areas, equipped areas, environmental platform, road networks and telecommunications;

- offers services that facilitate the settling process of the industrial activities;

- is a peaceful city, with a good quality of life.


Who is CACIP

CACIP is the managing body of Cagliari Industrial Park that stretches over an area of about 9,244 hectares (about 22,826 acres) and is divided into three conglomerate zones: Elmas, Macchiareddu and Sarroch.

Established in 1961, under the name of CASIC, CACIP is now a Consortium of Local Agencies and runs the largest industrial park of Southern Italy.

Prices of Industrial Areas

The industrial park of Cagliari offers multiple setting up solutions for enterprises.

The price of the industrial areas varies according to the conglomeration zone and, within each zone, according to the destination of the area (e.g. industrial activities, specific industrial activities, area services and activities related to research) that hosts the new industrial initiative. To request an industrial lot please submit the following application form


AreaPrice per square metre
Macchiareddu (site assessment included)Euro 21
ElmasEuro 47
Sarroch (SME's Zone)Euro 20
Other areas (areas close to CACIP's service centre or other important locations)Established on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors